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Well, I don't use my dreamwidth for a lot these days (more on tumblr tbh but I've just cleaned up my journal a little bit and tried to make the place neat and tidy for visitors.

Because I'm going to do Festivids this year! I'm really excited. I've been really getting into vidding more and more in the last few years, so I think this is going to be fun.

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Defiance (2013) )

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No Light (fades away) - music No Light No Light by Florence and the Machine

No light, no light in your bright blue eyes

I never knew daylight could be so violent

A revelation in the light of day

You can’t choose what stays and what fades away
This is the ultimate Steve/Bucky love song for me. I vidded it in my head for five months, and the minute the HQ footage dropped I was all over it. I made this vid in two days, which is ridiculous by my own personal standards. (Particularly since I’ve have discovered that CA:TWS is in 1920x800 and I could only find The Avengers in 1920x1080. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I ended up cropping every Avengers clip carefully by hand, while hating myself lol.)

Rebloggable tumblr post here:

I hope you enjoy it!
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A Still More Glorious Dawn - music: Carl Sagan remix by Symphony of Science

I wanted to make this vid literally for years, ever since the first Reboot movie came out. I made this using a lot of preview footage and some cam footage from the second movie, so once I have the time I really want to take a weekend and remaster it.

BUT until then, I still want to archive it on my blog. I am pretty proud of it.

"The sky calls to us
if we do not destroy ourselves
we will one day venture to the stars"

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Say My Name (we'll never be afraid again) - music Spectrum by Florence and the Machine

The birth of Frankenstein's monster.

Erik is my favorite character from the XMFC franchise, in all of his tortured, ruthless glory.

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So, I skipped around to look at Masara Minase's always lovely illustrations and, lulz, this book gets pretty porny. I'm going to go out on a limb here and extrapolate from Rioh's golden hair and Gekka's silver hair that the title refers to the two of them, erm, finding their rightful semes. lol

So, anyway, let's try for more than two pages today! There's 226 in this book total, not counting the atogaki, and my first post covered up to page 11.

previous | next

The Kingdom of the Sun, Radoluk. )

Notes: hrmmmm tense. :| The Japanese is 90% present tense, with some sentences randomly ending in past tense for reasons I cannot divine, so that's how I've been translating it. But I'm wondering if I should just translate it into past tense instead, since that's the norm for English prose. It might flow better that way.

Anyway. So, I guess I'm doing this for NaNo? Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it. Not this weekend though, since I'm traveling.

18 / 226 pages. 8% done!
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So, this is a new project as part of my ongoing endeavor to become functionally literate in Japanese. Translation!


I downloaded this book from aarinfantasy and, tbh, I don't even know what it's about. The cover leads me to believe it's some kind of high fantasy adventure, and getting it off of aarinfantasy leads me to believe there's going to be BL in here somewhere. Other than that, idk. So, we'll see. Might be fun :D?

太陽と月の背徳 ー 高岡ミズミの作品 ー イラスト水名瀬雅良
The Corruption of the Sun and Moon by Takaoka Mizumi, illustrations by Minase Masara )

Notes: So, it turns out my approach to name transliteration is pretty haphazard. I mainly just played around with different letter combinations until I came up with things I found aesthetically pleasing. :X Eh, whatev, katakana representations of made-up faux-Western-sounding fantasy names are kind of a lost cause to begin with IMO.

Reading back over this, lol wow, my translations suck. Really stilted, and I'm having all sorts of tense problems. And I feel like there's an overabundance of random capitalization. Well, I guess that's the point right? You can't improve at anything without practice.

Naturally, if anyone reading this speaks better Japanese than I do, then by all means feel free to comment on my doubtlessly legion mistakes.
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BBC Sherlock episode 2, The Blind Banker quick reaction )
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Don't worry though, I'll at least put off for another day my 9384928403289 word essay on how Kim Nam-gil and I are destined for wedded bliss on the astral plane.

1) The BBC's modern day Sherlock Holmes reboot, one episode (A Study in Pink) out of a total of three (!!!!! DDDD:) aired.

Yeah, sorry, RDJ. I guess Moffat's version hit my fandom kink buttons more? Because I enjoyed this so much more than the latest movie. I may or may not have been seal clapping with joy the whole way through.

Now that I think about it, I bet a lot of my enjoyment had to do with Sherlock's characterization )

And is it just me, or does the new Sherlock Holmes actor not look uncannily like Colin Morgan? I swear to god, they could be brothers. O.O Also, apparently the actor's name is Benedict Carlton Cumberbatch. It's like something straight out of Dickens or Harry Potter, I swear.

2) The King and the Clown

A great Joseon dynasty period movie about two minstrels/clowns, Jang-seng (he of the scarred face), and Gong-gil (he of the androgynous beauty). The mad king comes into the movie later and dominates the plot with his erratic, childlike, homicidal whims, but the movie starts and ends with the dynamic between the two clowns. )

Actually, one of the aspects of Inception that pleased me the most... )

Which leads me to, ironically, the opposite of that. (LOL IDK, I like different things from my source material that I do from my fic reading material)

3) Someone on my flist posted Arthur/Eames Inception slash \o/ Dull Boy, by [personal profile] sparky77

4) I read an interesting article on Language Log today, about how there doesn't really exist a way for Chinese people to textually represent casual spoken Cantonese, which I had no idea. Apparently text messaging Hong Kong teenagers have created an ad hoc amalgam of Roman letters, Arabic numerals, mathematical symbols, and traditional Mandarin characters to represent their mother tongue. The end result being that, "If we really want to, we can type Chinese, but English is a lot easier to type."

(Random aside: Language Log is a funny blog for me because I follow it as an RSS feed on DW, which means I don't see who the posters are to come to know and recognize each writer's style/point of view. So twice a day I read interesting to neutral academic articles from it, and then every once in a while there will be a completely batshit frothing rant about Barack Obama or the word vuvuzela or some shit. And I have no idea if it's just one crazy guy who got posting access somehow or what.)

5) So I just watched episode 9 of Bad Guy (aaaahhhh how does Kim Nam-gil just totally gut me with just the expression in his eyes?? IDEK :O) and started thinking about Korean revenge dramas as a genre, and why they're so popular that they actually do constitute a genre in and of themselves. And then I thought about that for about two seconds. LOL, gee, Korean culture as a whole enjoys escapist fantasy about enacting revenge on someone who has wronged you. I wonder why.


Jul. 26th, 2010 02:47 pm
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Omg so excited. spoilery reaction I guess? Not really, but I'll cut it anyway )

This also makes me want to start vidding again, I have like 3 unfinished Merlin vids on my hard drive. Hmmm.
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The Legend of Korra takes place 70 years after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender and follows the adventures of the Avatar after Aang – a passionate, rebellious, and fearless teenaged girl from the Southern Water Tribe named Korra. With three of the four elements under her belt (Earth, Water, and Fire), Korra seeks to master the final element, Air. Her quest leads her to the epicenter of the modern "Avatar" world, Republic City – a metropolis that is fueled by steampunk technology. It is a virtual melting pot where benders and non-benders from all nations live and thrive. However, Korra discovers that Republic City is plagued by crime as well as a growing anti-bending revolution that threatens to rip it apart. Under the tutelage of Aang's son, Tenzin, Korra begins her airbending training while dealing with the dangers at large.


slksjdasljksaljdsaoisduasdjlkajsdliah OMGGG \o/ I JUST downloaded the series again to settle in for a nice rewatch. NEW CANON IS COMING. \o/ \o/ \o/ Steampunk! Female POC lead! Plus, she's apparently older than the characters of A:tLA, which may indicate a darker, more mature tone to the series. (Though A:tLA was plenty mature anyway.)

lol I've spent the past few days rereading the few good Avatar fic I've got bookmarked and fruitlessly searching for more. Unfortunately, 90% of Avatar fandom appears to be 14 year old girls posting 20 chapter-long misspelled Zutara epics on :/ Nothing against 14 year old girls, but I think my biggest grudge towards Shyamalan for the atrocities he committed against A:tLA is that if the movie HAD been good, and fun, and non-race-faily, then the fandom would have grown. But it wasn't, so it didn't. I feel like he robbed me of all this potential fic. :(
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Queen Seonduk

Genre: Historical. Action-adventure, court intrigue, crossdressing, romance, pretty costumes, badass martial arts, female empowerment, it's got everything.

Status: Finished! FINALLY. It's 62 episodes long, so it took me a while.

Verdict: aslasjlksadlkjasdkjlasljdkjklasdjlksad I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS DRAMA. (Most of them good) I was gonna make another big reaction/review post of all the stuff I've been watching lately, but then realized I was going to have to talk about Queen Seonduk for 21098310377824091273982 words and that was probably going to take me a while.

This show is amazingggg. I love it so much words do not describe. It's nearly the same premise as The Legend, except instead of men fighting over who's going to inherit the throne and unify Korea, it's three women. I love it. It's not QUITE as good as The Legend, but it almost is and that's really high praise coming from me. The pacing and storytelling is not as tight and finely crafted, but that's mostly a symptom of having 62 episodes versus 24. And it does have some aspects where I think it's even better than The Legend. )

All right, so. I have some thoughts about the actors. )

I also have a few thoughts about the overall plotline. <--vague overarching spoilers )

I have lots of FEEEEEELINGS about the ending. <--detailed spoilers follow )

In conclusion: Watch it. Watch it now.
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Reviews of the 7 kdramas I've watched recently, only the vaguest of spoilers.

Oh! My Lady

Genre: Romantic Comedy. Kids. Older woman, younger guy.
Status: Finished.

Verdict: Cute fluffy romance involving children. Well, I'm a sucker for kidfic, so no big shocker that I liked it. The kids rather conveniently appeared and reappeared whenever the plot needed the parents to be elsewhere (what day care will keep your children until the middle of the night??) but that was probably my only complaint. Not gonna lie, I was swooning together with those tabloid reading shop girls after the press was hounding Gae-hwa and Min-woo had to go "save" her from them.

My viewing experience of this drama benefited a lot from my having such low expectations for it, unlike a few others down the list. I started watching knowing it was a cute fluffy romcom, and that's exactly what I got. Sometimes it's nice to get a simple, uncomplicated happy ending where the music swells, the couple kiss, and then the lights go down before anybody dies. LOL I'm beginning to find that's much more rare in kdrama than I had initially anticipated.

Cinderella's Sister

Genre: Romance. Melodrama.
Status: Lost interest.

Verdict: This show was such a huge disappointment to me. I LOVE Moon Geun-yeong (also the lead actress in Painter of the Wind) and I find her character of Eun-jo fascinating. The way she'd get angry and give this death stare from under her unkempt hair, eyes like a wild animal about to bite your face off. Lines she had just stuck in my mind, like "Liking someone so much you could die? I know less about that than dogs and cats." I just found her to be really interesting as a character.

And sometimes I'd laugh out loud at how realistic the sibling dynamic between Eun-jo and her "Cinderella" sister is. At one point Eun-jo, who even after 7 years is like a stray cat you can't pet for fear of losing an eye, refuses to have lunch with her family. So her sister, knowing that a happy family meal together will please their father, grabs Eun-jo by the arm in a white knuckled grip and hisses at her through a clenched teeth smile, "EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU GO, YOU EVIL BITCH." Yeah, sounds like a normal family to me.

But after the time skip the pacing dies a horrible agonizing death. And then I started to hate the male lead she was obviously going to end up with. "I'd rather be miserable with Male Lead forever than be in a happy, healthy relationship with Secondary Male Lead who treats me well and makes me smile!" No thanks.

After reading a few reviews of the last episode I decided it wasn't even worth it to keep watching. This drama had so much unfulfilled potential. :|

Painter of the Wind

Genre: Historical romance. Crossdressing.
Status: Finished.

Verdict: I really liked this. The art, the history, the love stories... great.

I appreciated how Yun-bok's romance with the courtesan and with her teacher were both treated respectfully. She never stopped loving either of them, and the show explicitly acknowledged that. The show is a bit Coffee Prince-esque in its gayness, in that the teacher starts to fall in love with Yun-bok while thinking she's a man. The courtesan also falls in love with crossdressed Yun-bok, and doesn't fall out of love upon learning that she's not.

I was rooting for her and the teacher though, I loved their relationship dynamic; she was always tagging along with him and he was always doting on her, but they constantly fought and debated as intellectual equals. The age different between the actors IRL is a little o.O when you think about it, but in the context of the story I believed it.

I also find it touching when a romance hinges on such small gestures and moments. The most physical the romance gets in this drama is a forehead kiss and Yun-bok washing ink from her teacher's hands.

Honestly, I liked everything except the last ten minutes of the last episode, which made me T_________T even though I understood how it tied the story together.


Genre: Historical romance. Melodrama.
Status: Lost interest.

Verdict: I WANT to like this show. This is the second time I've tried to watch it, since it comes so highly recommended and has gained a cult following in Korea. I love the concept: an ass-kicking, crime-fighting tea girl in the Joseon dynasty police department. I just really dislike how over-the-top melodramatic it is in every. single. episode. And I find the heroine's interactions with her love interest to be obnoxious.

Heroine: *does something that gets her in trouble*
Love interest: Don't do that.
Love interest: No, I don't want that. I want you to stop doing dumb shit that gets you into trouble.
Love interest: Seriously, stop. This is upsetting.
Heroine: Okay fine.
(10 minutes later)
Heroine: *ignores what he JUST SAID and does something that gets her into more trouble*
Love interest: >:|
Me: You know, you wouldn't be an obstacle to him if you stopped being a willful idiot who has to have everything her way all the time.

Also, the pacing is terrible. When I couldn't make myself download episode 6 after the annoyance that was episode 5, I found it streaming online at to watch last few episodes (since I've heard it has a twist ending) but couldn't even get through another ten minutes.

Conspiracy in the Court

Genre: Historical. Political thriller.
Status: Stopped watching during the second to last episode.

Verdict: This was another one that came so highly recommended, I wanted to LOVE IT. Several different kdrama reviewers all hailed this as THE BEST SAGEUK OF ALL TIME. So I went in with really high expectations and, honestly, I kind of hate it. Yes, the cinematography and direction and soundtrack are just as amazing as everyone said they were. But omggg do I hate these characters.

The male lead is useless from beginning to end and the female lead is completely and utterly without a shred of agency. It defied my suspension of disbelief, how passive she was while supposedly being this hardcore assassin. Since the king is the same historical figure as the king in Painter of the Wind, who I already knew and liked based on his character in that drama, at least I had a certain amount of interest in him. But after the events of episode 7, I went to go download the finale and suddenly realized I didn't give a fuck whether any of these people lived or died. Why bother? So I didn't.

太王四神記/The Legend

Genre: Fantasy historical. Epic.
Status: Rewatched from beginning to end.

Verdict: This is my favorite kdrama of all time. Possibly my favorite tv show of all time. I first watched it a few years ago, but after watching several duds in a row recently, I really wanted some good tv. So I rewatched it and fell in love all over again.

I love Damdeok. His kindness, his craftiness, his charm. The way it's second nature for him to hide his strength and wit behind a disarming smile. The way he walks slowly, hands clasped behind his back... um, yeah, so Bae Yong-Joon totally won my heart in this drama. When I started watching it, I thought he was funny looking with an ugly nose and I didn't understand how he was supposed to be this huge international heartthrob. But, oh, I learned. Did I ever.

Sujini is one of my all time favorite heroines. She's a female Han Solo. Hard drinking, gambling, fighting, always with a laugh and a devil-may-care attitude. Their romance develops in the small moments, similar to Painter of the Wind. The biggest expression of love is when she puts on his armor, or when they drink a bottle of wine together. She's his best friend, and he wants her to always stay where he can see her (since who knows what trouble she'll get into if she wanders off).

Lots of people refer to The Legend as Korea's Lord of the Rings. It's not quite on that scale of epic, but it comes really really close. The plot and the pacing are airtight, in 24 episodes there is no filler and it never once feels like the story is dragging (a chronic problem I've found with kdramas). The characters are all original and lovable. (Damdeok's cousin and rival for the throne, Ho Gae, is the only exception for me. I found him pitiful, an agent-less puppet from beginning to end)

And the women! The female characters kick ass! Aside from aformentioned asskicking Sujini, there's also Pa-son, the best blacksmith in Korea. And Dalbi, the adorable and clumsy widow who becomes the chief accountant and head of supplies for Damdeok's army. And Gak-dan, the captain of the king's guard, loyal and valiant. And nobody messes with Kiha, the vengeful guardian of the Phoenix.

The ending is still kind of a wtf for me. Even on rewatching I don't quite get it, though it makes a bit more sense now. The internet rumor is that there was a totally different ending that had to be changed because Bae Yong-Joon was badly injured during filming? I'd believe that. It's just kind of strange.

Apparently a Japanese anime adaption is in the works currently. I can't wait. :D

A Man's Story/Slingshot

Genre: Korean version of Leverage/Ocean's Eleven.
Status: Finished.

Verdict: *_____* So I only started watching this series, even though the description sounded meh to me, because Philip Lee from The Legend is in it and I love his face. /shallow

But apparently the reason Philip Lee was cast in this is because the screenwriter is Song Ji-na, who also wrote The Legend. She also apparently wrote what are considered the two seminal historical kdramas, Sandglass and Eye of Dawn, which I have yet to find online but am furiously searching for. The plot and the pacing are amaaaaazingggg, I was constantly on the edge of my seat. I mainlined the whole series in one weekend.

So, yes, it's the Korean version of Leverage. Only instead of being episodic, it's got a strong, gripping narrative arc that had me dying to know what happened next. The main character even kind of looks like Nate a bit to me, idk, I think it's his haircut.

This drama also has an unexpectedly nuanced approach to mental illness. The villain is a certified sociopath, but he's not unsympathetic. And the most lovable of all the heroes is a twitchy guy reminiscent of L from Death Note who's clearly portrayed as being on the autism spectrum.

I've only got two criticisms for this series. First, I think it starts 3 episodes too early. The first few episodes are all backstory setup that, IMO, could have been condensed into flashbacks dispersed later on after an in media res beginning. That might just be my Western aesthetic speaking though, Hollywood always prefers to start in the middle of the action. might also be because I spent the first 3 episodes impatiently going "WHERE IS PHILIP LEE." >_>

My other criticism is that there's one particular aspect of the finale episode that made me D: :/ >:|. Everything else about the ending I loved, but that one thing I was quite displeased with, though I understand the reasoning behind it.

(LOL apparently I have issues with kdrama endings.)
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Okay, so, being that women like Alanis Morisette and Tracy Chapman are actually some of my favorite artists, it's no surprise that I'm a fan of Crystal's style. But I went investigating today and found some of her pre-Idol stuff and, omg, she's so good. *_____* It's all amateur demos of just her and her guitar, no production or anything, but her voice has this beautiful clear tone that I love and she's got a LOT of songwriting talent. Aaaaahhhh can I buy her post-Idol album yet? I want it nowwww *grabby hands* (lol idgaf where she places. I just want her to sell me an album)

(Also on the plus side for me personally, because she sings so clearly and knows how to enunciate, when I really concentrate I can actually understand what she's saying. LOL this is a big deal for me, song lyrics are normally just white noise to me. Half the time I couldn't tell you whether they were even in English. So, anyway, I transcribed the lyrics to a few of them as best I could.)

1. Farmer's Daughter <-- If you only listen to one Crystal Bowersox song, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS ONE

This song guts me. This was the first song I decided to transcribe the lyrics to, and without putting that level of concentration into it I wasn't fully aware of what the song was about, so it was while I was writing them down that the emotional impact fully hit me. Not even gonna lie, by the time I got to "Honor thy mother and father too / But I know there ain't no way in Hell that God mentioned you" in the first verse I was already crying. lol /has issues. ANYWAY.

Full lyrics behind the cut )

2. On the Run, one of my favorites. It's got a kind of quirky Ani DiFranco style guitar that I like. My favorite part is the way on the bridge she's belting those lines of "Well I got my halo and got my gun / Got my guitar and got the sun / If it wasn't for the devil horns on my head / love you boy til I'm dead."

Full lyrics behind the cut )

3. Holy Toledo, another of my favorites, is a kind of plaintive, yearning ballad. I think this is the song that showcases her beautiful vocal tone the best. I love the melody and the imagery when she sings "My dreads are locked / my watch is stopped / my glass half full / my gun is half cocked." The vulnerability of her lyrics is always so gut-wrenching, very INTK/WIA Kris Allen to me.

Full lyrics behind the cut )

4. Sandman, upbeat, same instrumental style as On the Run. Really like it.

5. Speak Now, LOVE this song. It feels kind of like the emotional prequel to On the Run.

Full lyrics behind the cut )

6. Cry no More, this one's got a more restrained quality than her others. She keeps her voice quiet and her guitar sparse until the very end.

7. Saved by Grace, another of her quiet, sad ballads.
ETA: Chicago Acoustic Underground version, this version has a beautiful violin in it :O I love it. Crystal said she wrote this song about abortion and that once when she was performing this song at a gig she broke down in tears and could barely finish the song. She describes it as "a big Fuck You." Apparently on her own studio version (the one above?) she'd included "a creepy toy piano" on the instrumentals. I'm going to be horribly presumptuous and say I'm not sure she was crying because she herself had undergone an abortion, the lines "If you can't use this, don't you dare abuse it / Save yourself the trouble, just throw it out" make me think this is another song she wrote about her mother.

Full lyrics behind the cut )

8. Finally Got It Right, happy and sweet. Reminds me of a Jason Mraz song.
ETA: Chicago Acoustic Underground version, Crystal describes it as "all that cheesy, giddy crap" you feel at the beginning of a new relationship.

9. Kiss Ya, this is her most Ani DiFranco song for me. It's also my least favorite of her demos, there's some "aaaaah ahhhhh oooooooh" going on in the background that I'm not fond of, and her voice isn't the best on this one either.

Also, the internet is taunting me because there are four other songs of hers that USE to be up on various music websites for streaming, but I guess all of her accounts got purged as part of the Idol scrub. >:| I wanttttt theeeeem. /whining

LOL so, uh, if you ever happen to see an mp3 of Crystal singing her song Hellbent, let me know, okay?

ETA: People found more songs! \o/ Still no sign of Hellbent yet though. :(

So Crystal did a podcast with the Chicago Acoustic Underground, on which she performed 5 songs, only two of which I already have. :D You can listen to it or download it at their website, though I've ripped her songs and included any interesting song-related banter in this post.

10. Put Your Guitar Down, a song Crystal wrote while dating somebody who plays guitar, about feeling jealousy when your SO pays more attention to their musical instrument than you. LOL it's got this slinky maraca in the background which I think is kinda cool.

11. Grey-haired Rockstar, a song she wrote for the local legends that took her under their wing when she younger, showed her how to deal with bar owners, lol. Old-timers called the Dry Bones Revival who would play for 4 hours never complaining, just for love of the music.

12. Mama, understandably, she didn't do a big intro for this song other than to say "me and Mama didn't always get along." It feels like she wrote it about that same emotion/moment-in-time that inspired Farmer's Daughter, only this song is slow and regretful where Farmer's Daughter has more anger in it.

Let me know if any other songs turn up :DDDD

ETA 2: \o/ I knew I could have faith in AI fandom's ability to instantaneously rip shit 19 doesn't want on the internet before it gets yanked. People found and uploaded Crystal's four other songs!

13. Hellbent \o/ \o/ \o/ OMG it's just as awesome as the title led me to believe it would be. It's a dark and angry political song, featuring soundbites of Bush and Condoleezza Rice (I think) talking about the terrorists who "pray to a false god." I love the backup vocals on this track, they lend it this dark, ominous tone. "You must be happy now you're doing God's work / Women and children laying cold in the dirt."

Full lyrics behind the cut )

14. Patience, a song about chasing after someone, begging them to love you.

15. Sunflower Sunshine, lol this song has, like, a clap track or something, kind of like Alli's Beat Me Up. Only on this song I find it kind annoying. As the title would imply, it's an upbeat happy love song about being head over heels for somebody, along the lines of her other song Finally Got It Right.

16. Just Want to Love Ya Before I Leave, lol omg, Crystal stop making me cry when I listen to your songs. At the beginning her own voice has this quaver like she's on the edge of tears herself, which doesn't help me. It's a song to a loved one from the point of view of someone who is dying. Knowing the battle she has with her diabetes, picturing her singing this to her little son, I just, I can't even. GAH. "The doctor says I'm gonna go / I'm losing this fight / But not done yet, no, not tonight."


.....I think that's everything out there that she wrote herself. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though. :D
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Some things have been happening on my flist recently that made me want to take a step back and think for a minute. I mentioned some of this stuff on Twitter before, but, well, it's Twitter. Not exactly the prime location for navel-gazing tl;dr.

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Posting these tonight before the author reveals go up so I don't feel guilty about the people I'm scorning :O (Yes, I mainly copypasta'd this from my delicious*. stfu.)

My 16 favorites fics from the 47 posted at queenbitchfest: )

fffffffuuuuuu this post is ugly and html is boring. This is why I usually only use delicious instead of maintaining a ~proper rec journal like I sometimes contemplate.

(*FYI: sometimes when I highlight excerpts for my delicious I edit them for length. I try to keep everything under 500 characters to prevent GIANT BLOCK OF TEXT ATTACK. Upon reflection, it occurs to me that this probably pisses off the writers. :O Sorry, I'm too lazy to go back and fix everything. :X It's not a commentary on your writing, I promise.)

ETA 11/30 with the writers
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Without, er, making any long statements about the recent [ profile] ontd_ai drama llama, I'll just say that the community atmosphere and ongoing flashfic challenges have inspired me to write more this summer than I have in quite some time.

So for [ profile] ai_kinkmeme's debut post, the prompt "Kris/Adam, SHOTGUNNING" inspired this ~900 word ficlet, which I have lovingly titled: WEED WAS BAG.

Adam has a very distinctive knock. At least, that's what Kris thinks. He always knows it's him, at any rate. )
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Without, er, making any long statements about the recent ontd_ai drama llama, I'll just say that the community atmosphere and ongoing flashfic challenges have inspired me to write more this summer than I have in quite some time.

So for ai_kinkmeme's debut post, the prompt "Kris/Adam, SHOTGUNNING" inspired this ~900 word ficlet, which I have lovingly titled: WEED WAS BAG.

Adam has a very distinctive knock. At least, that's what Kris thinks. He always knows it's him, at any rate. )
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So I somehow ended up with 1600~ words last night for the flashfic prompt "High school AU, first meeting" in the Adam Appreciation Post last night at ontd_ai. It's very, um, fluffy. It's interesting to write teenaged!Kradam though, because both of them are so much more confident and at ease with themselves as twenty-somethings than I think they ever were in high school. (But then again, isn't everyone?)


Adam first hears about the transfer student from Arkansas from Neil. Apparently they have a lot of the same classes together and have been getting along like a house on fire. )


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